Financial Hardship Due to Covid-19 Prevents Women from Reconstruction Breast Surgery After Mastectomies

DALLAS, TX (June 2021) – While mental health continues to be the hot topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial hardship is also fueling the depression many are experiencing during these unprecedented times. Combine depression with a medical crisis such as breast cancer, and the results can be devastating.

For many women, breast reconstruction is one of the final steps in the journey to feel “whole,” but the financial responsibility that goes along with it often makes surgery prohibitive. eraclea skin care founders Dr. Janet Denlinger and Morgan Hare, along with Dr. Rod Rohrich, founded the nonprofit Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery (AiRS) Foundation – to ensure that women have access to the resources needed for breast reconstruction, regardless of the cost.


The AiRS Foundation was created so that women who choose reconstruction following mastectomies have the option to move forward in the surgical process without the stress of wondering how to pay for the procedure,” explained Hare, who donates 15 percent annually of all eraclea skin care proceeds to the Foundation. “Even with insurance, co-pays and deductibles can be staggering, but add the hardship of the pandemic to the mix, and suddenly we have more applicants who need assistance than ever before. We don’t feel anyone should have to stop their physical healing process due to the mental anguish of medical debt, so we want to spread the word and let women know there is help out there.”


The AiRS Foundation has seen a staggering 65 percent increase in applicants due to the effects of the pandemic, but Hare and the team hope to help as many as possible while increasing awareness of the Foundation’s mission. Its narrow focus and national scope make it a worthwhile cause for those impacted by breast cancer – directly or indirectly – to donate to.


“Pink ribbons may signify that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the scars left behind after a mastectomy are daily reminders that don’t go away once November rolls around,” added Hare.


Women who are interested in assistance apply for the grant online through the AIRS website – The Foundation accepts applicants who live in the United States and meet the income requirements who can prove they are experiencing financial hardship. Applicants are required to supply medical records and a quote from a breast surgeon/surgical center for the cost of the procedure. Being insured is not a prerequisite, and applicants are notified within 60 days.


Founded in 2015, the AiRS Foundation works in partnership with physicians nationwide to provide the resources necessary to make breast reconstruction an option for women who otherwise would not be able to afford it. For more information or help support the Foundation, please visit

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