Resources for Child, Elder and Pet Care

Cancer can make being a care-giver difficult.  Here are some organizations that may offer financial help or other resources to make this task attainable or more manageable.

Although we have provided a short description, programs and fund availability can change.  Please contact the organization for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

CancerCare’s Touching Hearts Program provides assistance for women with cancer towards home care, child care, transportation, and pain medication.  To apply, call 800-813-HOPE(4673).

Their PAW program offers limited financial assistance to offset some of the expenses associated with pets.

Kesem provides camp or day experiences for children of adults with cancer.  Led by college students, their mission is to create connections where these children can process, connect, heal and thrive.  Use their search engine to find events/offerings in your area.

The Komen Financial Assistance Program offers asstistance for daily costs to eligible individuals undergoing active breast cancer treatments.

PAF offers a searchable and extensive list of resources/organizations to help with a large variety of issues.