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Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery (AiRS) Foundation Policy for grants to individuals

Need help with your application?

To contact our application support team visit, email or call +1 (800) 278-8762.

Each applicant who has undergone a mastectomy will be considered for a grant, based on their application details and the support information received. All grants are awarded through an objective and nondiscriminatory selection process.

Type of grants offered by AiRS include:

*Up to $2,500 towards breast reconstructive surgery, including insurance co-pays and related surgical and/or facility fees.

*Restorative areola tattooing up to $1,000

Requirements to apply:

Reside within the United States

Have been diagnosed with breast cancer or breast cancer genetic mutation

Applying within 1-4 months of surgery and have received a written estimate from your surgeon/provider.

Surgeon is in-network unless there is a justifiable reason why you must go out of network.

Income Requirements: 175% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (See graph below).

AiRS does not provide grants for living expenses.  For living expenses or other needs during breast cancer or breast reconstruction, please visit


If you exceed these income requirements, you may still apply, but will be required to provide documentation to demonstrate financial hardship (Detailed list of monthly income and expenses). Applications without this documentation will not be considered.

Other Helpful Information:

If you are still going through treatment,
please wait to apply until you are within a 3-4 months of surgery to apply.

If you have not seen a surgeon and need a surgeon referral, please visit

You can also ask your oncologist for a referral or email us for assistance.

Review Process:

We carefully review each grant application in the order received. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you if you qualify prior to receiving your complete application.  Processing and approval of complete applications may take between 14-30 days. Please allow 30 days prior to surgery or areola tattoo procedure for approval.

If your grant request is approved, the grant award will be paid directly to medical providers/facilities to pay for breast reconstruction, and related medical expenses.


Criteria for AiRS Foundation’s grants to individuals are based on the Foundations submission to the IRS at the time of its approval for 501(c)3 standing as a charitable foundation.

An individual may be disqualified based on IRS Code Section 4958 or a grant may be revoked if it is determined that information has been falsified.

Please review the Application checklist & FAQ’s before applying.  If you have any other questions or need additional assistance, please email