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The AiRS Foundation – Why giving back matters – with Dr. Rod Rohrich and Morgan Hare

Special Guest Dr. Jay Orringer talks about prophylactic mastectomy, and the health of the patient

Morgan Hare and Tamara Sieger discuss the AiRS Patient Advocacy Program

Special guest Henda Salmeron talks to Morgan Hare and Dr. Rod Rohrich about her journey with breast cancer and what women need to know

Special guest Dr. Alexis Hazen talks about nutrition and dieting

Special guest Rae Ritke, from the Urban Wellness Center, talks about Acupuncture

Ramy Gafni shares The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Great While Living with Cancer

Special Guest Cindy Barshop, owner of Vspot Medi Spa, Talks About Urinary Incontinence and What Can Be Done About It

Kelly Hogan Talks About Nutrition and How to Manage Your Diet