Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction is a highly individualized surgical procedure. While its overall goal is to help folks feel restored after mastectomies, your body, your more specific goals, and your lifestyle play critical roles in determining the best breast reconstruction option for you. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine which options work well within those factors, however, it can help to enter that consultation with some information on what is available. is a non-profit organization and information resource that offers comprehensive information on all your breast reconstruction options alongside context to help patients understand how that surgical information applies to them. You can use the links below to access their website to learn more about each procedure.

Lumpectomy & Oncoplastic Surgery

Lumpectomy removes only part of the breast to treat breast cancer. Oncoplastic surgery can help reduce any contour abnormalities it causes.

Secondary Procedures & Revision Surgery

In many cases, breast reconstruction takes multiple steps to complete. In others, patients may choose to have additional procedures to refine or correct their results.

Mastectomy & Genetic Mutations

Advances in mastectomy techniques and genetic testing have profoundly influenced breast reconstruction. This context may help you understand your options.

Recovery & Risks

Recovery, risks, and long-term maintenance are essential considerations as you choose a type of breast reconstruction.

Choosing Not to Have Reconstruction

“Going Flat” or “Living Flat”

Many women choose to live without reconstruction after a mastectomy. One of the reasons for this is that a large percentage of women are never offered the possibility of breast reconstruction in the first place. In some instances, patients may have been offered only limited options because other options were not right for them.

There are a great many reasons patients offer for not wanting reconstruction after a mastectomy. Some women state age as a factor, while others regard breast reconstruction as denial, undesirable or unnecessary. Because breast cancer is the main focus, many patients feel that the cancer treatment itself is their greatest challenge, without the angst of plastic surgery. Choosing not to reconstruct can be a perfectly sound and healthy choice for many women.

The most important fact is that every woman, independent of her circumstances, should be offered the entire range of options at the time of the mastectomy in order to be able to make an educated decision.

Whether you choose to reconstruct immediately or delay, or not to choose reconstruction at all – it is YOUR decision, and you are entitled to change your mind as your life’s journey continues.