Testimonial: Sharlene Milne

Sharlene describes herself as a PINK WARRIOR and has been fighting her battle since 2015.  After her breast cancer diagnosis, she opted for a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  After some complications, Sharlene reached out to the AiRS Foundation for help.  
“Without the financial support and other services provided by the AiRS Foundation, I do not know how we would have been able to take the next part of the journey to heal my body; to have the implants removed, repair any damage, and no further invasive surgery.  I now choose to remain flat and allow my body to heal.
To the person reading this, it is not about my journey or my struggles, but about the amazing, incredible effort the AiRS Foundation does to enable women dealing with the BEAST they call breast cancer, to have support not only with financial assistance, but they also provide an advocate to support you through your journey, something I did not have which lead me on a fight for my life.
Today, I honor the AiRS Foundation.  Thank you for all you do in the fight against breast cancer.”