Diagnosed at the age of 42 from having a mammogram, her whole world was turned upside down.  She couldn’t believe that SHE was affected by cancer.  Out of all the women in her family, she was the first.  She became depressed and withdrew from being around a lot of people.

After her mastectomy, Kendra couldn’t stand to look at herself.  She just cried and fell deeper into depression. Her daughter held her and told her how beautiful she was to them and that some people aren’t as lucky.

Kendra chose reconstruction to even out the look of her breasts, as only one had been removed.  She wanted to them to match.

Kendra’s advice to other women going through this, “Reach out to support groups, try and find someone you are really comfortable talking to, do your reach before choosing a doctor, there are so many programs out here you just have to have someone take the time and Google or ask questions, keep your faith strong that everything is going to be OK, and and a good support team by your side.”

AiRS gave Kendra financial assistance for stage 2 breast reconstruction.  As an AiRS Professional Partner, Dr. Christopher Newman discounted his services to help make her procedure possible.