Testimonial: Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson, 49 years old, is the sole provider for three children.  Due to her diagnosis, Carla became unemployed and lost her insurance.  She experienced difficulties with self-esteem following her mastectomy from breast cancer and also suffered from lymphedema.  The AiRS Foundation referred Carla to the University of North Carolina and assisted her with applying for financial aid.  The surgery was covered at 100% at no cost to AiRS and provided approximately $63,000 access to medical care savings.

Message from Carla: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, had a right side radical mastectomy. For four years I played the mind game of I’m ok I  don’t want the reconstruction surgery; flip flopping and being indecisive.

I found a surgeon willing to give me the surgery, but my insurance would not cover it and I had no insurance of my own. I searched the web and came across the AIRS website and did more research, made contact and Tamara contacted me, explained the program and informed me after applying for assistance that I was approved.  As she and I kept in contact with each other, regarding cost, procedure and date of my surgery, she indicated that I should apply for financial assistance through the University hospital.  I hadn’t even considered it nor had anyone at the hospital advised me of it.