Selina Padilla

Selina Padilla, 61, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in December of 2019. She underwent chemotherapy and the removal and reconstruction of both breasts in 2020 and 2021. Selina said that “after a significant time of recovery from both surgeries my body has revealed the depth of the trauma it went through. I have significant scars around my breast, unevenness, scar tissue development and nerve pain.” Because of the pain, she did physical therapy and pain management, but the visits became too costly, and Selina had to put them on hold.

Selina said that through a revision surgery, “these issues will be addressed and will give me the confidence I need to overcome this part of my journey.” However, PRMA asked her to pay over $6,000 out of pocket prior to the surgery date. This was not something Selina could afford – her family endured unexpected expenses during the pandemic, which have impacted their finances.

The AiRS Foundation helped Selina receive stage 2 breast reconstruction with a professional partner (PRMA). She also received two other grant contributions towards her total cost of surgery.