Megan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan, 61, has been unable to work due to complications from breast cancer. The multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and infections made working a struggle and she lost her job. At this point, her unemployment and State Disability had run out and she was unable to complete her journey to feel whole again.

Megan reached out to the AiRS Foundation for financial assistance with her 3-D areola tattooing which is her final step in her reconstruction. Megan’s insurance company verbally told her they refused to cover the tattooing because they don’t deem it necessary. Her surgeon also wrote to her insurance requesting this procedure, but was still denied.

Thanks to donations from our supporters, the AiRS Foundation was able to grant her request.

“I am so very grateful that you have awarded me the grant for the nipple tattoo. I so appreciate your support with this and I hold the hope that when I look in the mirror I will feel less of a reminder of the painful Latisimus Dorsi Flap surgery and see a little bit less of the flap across my breast. I am truly thankful.”-Megan