Lynn Galletti

Lynn Galletti’s mom and sister Kate both battled breast cancer before they passed away. Lynn says, “knowing that I also carried the BRCA gene was weighing heavy on me in light of the rapid losses of my Mom and my oldest sister, who left a husband and 7 year old daughter behind. I feared being next and leaving my two kids without a mom. That was too scary for me!”

In April of 2011, Lynn had a hysterectomy, and in June of that year had a mastectomy. The months following surgery were painful and overwhelming for Lynn. She says, “I struggled tremendously with body image when I woke to being FLAT after having been a size D all my life.”

Over the next ten years, Lynn faced many obstacles in trying to regain her self image. She finally landed a job with decent insurance and the stability needed to take time off for the surgery and recovery. However, her insurance has a high deductible plan with an out of pocket maximum of nearly $7,000.

Lynn reached out to every organization to see if there was assistance available but was turned away again and again. She says, “every other organization I spoke with, from the ACS, Susan G Komen to local organizations, none would/could offer assistance unless or until I had a cancer diagnosis!!! It was heartbreaking to know that nothing existed to help people like me prevent the disease, only to deal with the after effects. There seems to be only ONE organization in the entire country that exists that offers help to women if they are seeking to do a preventive/prophylactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction!! And that is the AIRS foundation.”

The AiRS Foundation granted Lynn $2,000 to proceed with PRMA.

Message from Lynn:
I am very fortunate to be a recipient of a partial grant to use toward my surgical costs. I can not adequately put into words what this surgery means to me and how far out of reach the surgery would be without the financial assistance. I am grateful to all the donors that make these grants a reality. You are changing lives…restoring bodies… giving dignity back to those that cancer has robbed or genetically threatens to take away. I just wanted to make sure you know and can pass along to your donors that without their generous support, I would not be able to proceed with my breast reconstruction and for a woman, being made whole again is like regaining a feeling of femininity and confidence.