Isamar was diagnosed and had a mastectomy at the young age of 18.  While being a full-time student, she had her 2nd and final surgery in 2020 during the Covid Pandemic.  As with many, the Pandemic meant a loss in work hours and created a financial strain.  A portion of her surgical procedure had already been put on her credit card, and she was going to have to do the same for restorative tattooing.  Suzanne Moe, an AiRS professional partner, sent Isamar to the AiRS Foundation for assistance.

“If I were granted this assistance it would mean the world to me and lift so much weight off my shoulders. I would be able to continue my education without having to stop taking classes in order to save money. This would allow me to begin my career sooner than later and lead me to many more opportunities. I have been dealing with this since I was the age of 18 and I am currently 30. A little help would make a huge difference in my life and I will forever be grateful for organizations like this one. Seriously, thank you is an understatement for how grateful and appreciative I am.”- Isamar

AiRS worked with Suzanne to make the restorative tattooing a reality.

“Your check arrived today and words can not express our joy to receive your support for patient Isamar Hernandez for her Restorative 3D Nipple/Areola Tattoo!!  Isamar is such a kind, hard working young woman who has felt self conscious and post-operatively disfigured for too many years. Your support, kindness and encouragement has truly helped lift her spirits and move forward into another chapter. She is “beyond happy” with her tattoo and left the studio with a new pep to her step. ????

I’m also sincerely grateful to you and the AiRS Foundation for all you do. You’ve certainly  brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people down here in deep south dade.” -Suzanne Moe, SumaInk