Introducing AiRS Influencer: Anna Crollman

Anna Crollman was 27 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She immediately looked to blogs for support during her cancer journey, but found nothing.  At that point, she decided to fill that void and start blogging to share her story and how fashion and beauty helped her navigate through some of the traumas associated with treatments.  She found that the more she shared her story, the more she began to connect to other women.  They would share their stores, struggles, fears, and how her story had inspired them.  These connections helped Anna on the days she felt betrayed by her body.

Anna’s blog, My Cancer Chic  has allowed her to provide insights and resources for women going through cancer.  She is able to encourage women to realize the value of their stories and educate all women about breast health.  What she realized was that there is room for every voice and that each is unique.

We are pleased to welcome Anna in joining the AiRS mission and look forward to using her network of connections to reach more women looking for help with reconstruction after breast cancer.