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EBIX Blog Post Quotes Dr. Rod Rohrich and AiRS

On their latest post “Where is America in the Fight Against Breast Cancer?”, EBIX used a quote from our own Dr. Rod Rohrich and mentioned AiRS Foundation and our mission to assist breast cancer survivors with reconstructive surgery costs. We are grateful for this recognition. Please read their full article here. And remember, ’tis the […]

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Breast Cancer: Find help coping and recovering

Cope and Recover from Breast Cancer Breast cancer is disruptive not only to the body, but also to everyday life. The disease leads to doctors’ visits, surgeries, expenses, loss of work, and loss of energy. So much of what someone is accustomed to doing on a daily basis can be disrupted by cancer. Understandably, many […]

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10 Questions to Ask Prior to Breast Cancer Treatment

Being informed that you have breast cancer is certainly unsettling and we wish you the very best in your recovery. Always keep in mind that your doctor is by your side through and through and you will always have someone to direct your questions and concerns. Your doctor should explain the diagnosis in great detail; […]

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