Breast Cancer: Find help coping and recovering

Cope and Recover from Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is disruptive not only to the body, but also to everyday life. The disease leads to doctors’ visits, surgeries, expenses, loss of work, and loss of energy. So much of what someone is accustomed to doing on a daily basis can be disrupted by cancer. Understandably, many cancer patients become stressed, overwhelmed, and/or depressed due to the sudden road block in their lives. Thus, breast cancer support can play a major role in helping patients cope and recover.

Join a Support Group

breast cancerThankfully, patients have the option to participate in support groups to help them overcome at least some of the trauma brought on by cancer. Support groups give patients the opportunity to speak with other individuals who are going through breast cancer, along with individuals who have survived breast cancer. They are safe spaces for any topic that comes to mind, whether it be related to treatment, maintaining balance in life, or finding optimism through struggle.

Patients can seek advice, but they can also offer advice – that’s the beauty of a support group. All participants are united through a shared obstacle and all participants share the same goal—to beat cancer!  The opportunity to cry, laugh, shout, and vent together can work wonders for someone who is dealing with an unforeseen life struggle. Every patient needs a group of people in their corner during the ups and downs of the recovery process. Support groups provide exactly that.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a group. If one-on-one support is preferred, then a patient can find that focused support with no problem. Plus, support groups can be found through online forums. There are so many ways for patients to avoid lonely trials and to get the support that they deserve.

You can shortcut your research for a trusty support group by clicking here.

Seek the Assistance of a Hospital Navigator

The upturn in Hospital Navigators throughout hospitals has given breast cancer patients another trustworthy route to find support. Hospital Navigators help with important matters such as post-discharge counseling, directing patients to reputable providers and giving financial advice. Ultimately, they focus on easing a patient’s transition from the hospital back to everyday life. They can even direct individuals to specific support groups!

Find guidance online

Patients can also find guidance by relying on online resources. Resources focused on cancer education, treatment options, health insurance options and emotional assistance. Simply visiting a breast cancer foundation website like Susan G. Komen will open a patient’s eyes to the incredible amount of support he/she has and the incredible amount of effort that is going into curing breast cancer altogether.

Airs Foundation has a number of resources to help enlighten a patient with information about their reconstruction options. The goal is for a patient, or anyone who cares about a patient, to be able to access the information that they want to access. Face-to-face interaction with a counselor or group counseling are not the only options. Learning how to overcome breast cancer both physically and mentally can be done at a patient’s pace.

Once breast cancer is defeated, rely on Airs Foundation for breast reconstruction surgery. While a breast cancer survivor will feel relieved beyond imagination, we want survivors to carry the same physical confidence as they carried prior to having cancer. Give us a call and please visit our website——and our blog to learn more about breast reconstruction.

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