Allergen donates $50,000 to AiRS

Good News! The AiRS Foundation received two $25,000 grants from Allergen to help support our efforts in advocating, educating and supporting women seeking reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy.

The Allergan Foundation awarded $25,000 to the AiRS Outreach and Education program, supporting our efforts to raise awareness for surgical options for restorative breast surgery after mastectomy. Allergan has supported AiRS through this grant process for four consecutive years.

The Allergan Alliance Advocacy Group awarded $25,000 to underwrite two very special AiRS public relations events. These events will vary in scope and function. One smaller and “Invitation Only” event for medical intuitions, foundations, prominent local residents and the press is planned for Los Angeles. A large, community-wide October “BRA Day” event is scheduled for Dallas at Victory Park. This event will bring hospitals, public health groups, other nonprofits and businesses together for a free health fair.  We will keep you up-to-date as plans develop.

We thank Allergan for their continued faith in and support of the AiRS Foundation. These two donations will allow us to expand our outreach and education program in a more wide-ranging and comprehensive way.