Alexis Wilson

Alexis is married with a teenage daughter.  They have always struggled financially, but have been able to make ends meet.  A friend of hers who is a police officer told her about a homeless teenage boy that was sleeping on a park bench and how she would see him on every shift.  They took him in and became a family of four.

Two months later, Alexis found out she had breast cancer.  Due to the cancer’s aggressiveness, she started chemo right away.  She couldn’t afford to take time off from work, so she continued to teach throughout the school year with exception of the 3 weeks she needed for her double mastectomy.

She never expected to have breast cancer at 38, and the financial burden of medical expenses has been overwhelming.  She has been blessed with email and fiends that stepped in to help with the cost of surgery and chemo.  Alexis applied to the AiRS Foundation for financial help getting nipple tattooing after insurance wouldn’t provide assistance.

The AiRS Foundation working with our professional partner, Suzanne Moe with Suma Ink, provided Alexis with nipple tattooing as her final step in her cancer journey.

“Wow! This is amazing! I can’t even describe how I am feeling right now. This has been a long year for me, but this part is going to feel like I am closing a chapter on a long journey. I really can’t explain how appreciative I am of this grant. This is going to be life changing. People don’t realize after cancer treatment you are never the same. I will never be the same person I was before. I also realized there were some really amazing people in my corner and you have just joined that group. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”