How an AiRS Partner Provides Financial Assistance for Breast Cancer Patients

We at the AiRS Foundation are lucky to have a number of partners who help us offer financial assistance to breast cancer patients who have had mastectomies and want reconstructive surgery, but cannot afford it. One of these partners is eraclea, a skin care brand that uses medical research to develop healthy products for younger looking skin.

Why do they support the AiRS Foundation? The founders of eraclea are the same two friends who started AiRS!

That’s right. Several decades ago, Dr. Janet Denlinger and her good friend Morgan Hare were unhappy with the skin care products on the market. So, they began developing a new product line which uses a scientific understanding of hyaluronic acid, a key building block of youthful skin. After successfully founding their skin care line eraclea, the two friends wanted to find a way to give back. That’s when they began searching for a way to support women who have breast cancer.

When Denlinger and Hare asked Dr. Rod Rohrich what was a problem related to breast cancer that needed support he told them that up to 70% of women were unaware of their reconstruction options post-mastectomy and many of those who desire this surgery do not have sufficient insurance or other resources to cover it. They began searching for a way to offer financial assistance to these breast cancer patients. The AiRS Foundation is the result of their hard work.

Today, eraclea continues to support the AiRS Foundation by advocating on our behalf and offering an amount of their income to the foundation. It’s because of partners like eraclea that AiRS can continue to offer the financial assistance that so many breast cancer patients need to receive reconstructive surgery that will help them feel confident and whole again.

Become a partner!

Are you a successful organization looking for a way to give back? Consider helping the AiRS Foundation provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients! Contact us about becoming a partner or advocate today.