AiRS Foundation hosts press event in New York City

On April 10, 2019 at Haven’s Kitchen in New York City, the AiRS Foundation hosted a press event and panel discussion revolving around issues faced by women after surviving a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The discussion, entitled “Thriving After Breast Cancer – The Journey to Healing” featured both AiRS associates and prominent breast cancer advocates, some of whom have had breast reconstruction surgery.

The press event introduced AiRS to national publications, including New Beauty, Health Magazine, Real Health/Cancer Wellness Magazine and the New York Post, helping to spread the mission of AiRS to future clients and potential funders.

The panelist included:

Melisa Berry, cancer survivor and founder of the blog, “Cancer Fashionista”, served as moderator,

Allyn Rose, first woman with a double mastectomy to model with Sports Illustrated,

Dana Donofree, diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma at the age of 27. Founder and owner of AnaOno Lingerie for breast cancer survivors,

Cindy Barshop, Founder of the first revagination spa on Madison Ave., offering the latest technologies to optimize women’s intimate health,

Heather Allen, 2018 AiRS patient from Chicago,

Tamara Sieger, AiRS Director of Advocacy.

“The goal of the AiRS Foundation has always been to let women know they are not alone, that a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is an option and can be a part of the road to healing,” said Morgan Hare, Co-Founder of the AiRS Foundation. “AiRS is built on empowerment through advocacy, education and support and this event was a demonstration of just that. I salute and value the women who found the courage to speak about their experiences at this press event.”