5 Online Resources to Use When Battling Breast Cancer | AiRS Foundation

Whether you are a breast cancer patient or the caregiver for one, the medical terminology, treatment process, and overall emotional and physical toll of the disease can often feel overwhelming. That’s understandable! Fortunately, there are resources available for patients and caregivers alike.

Whether you’re looking for funds for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, like we offer at the AiRS Foundation, or simply trying to navigate how to treat cancer, here are five websites that are sure to help.

One of the most popular and useful online resources for breast cancer patients? Breastcancer.org! On this website, you can find articles covering a myriad of breast cancer-related issues that will answer your questions in easy-to-understand language. Want to know the side effects of your treatment? They’ve got the answers. Want to know how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine while battling cancer? They’ve got the answers to that, too. We highly recommend them!

Cancer.net is an oncologist-approved website hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. They offer a number of articles on everything from defining the various types of cancer to living with a cancer patient. While not focused on breast cancer patients, in particular, the site is offers valuable and relevant information. Plus, you will find additional links to organizations that provide financial assistance, which can be an enormous benefit to patients and their families.

Our hope is that ALL cancer patients have loving and supportive family and friends to help them through the treatment process. Yet, many do not enter treatment with a tight-knit support group. And even those who do may often find that their family and friends, while encouraging, do not always understand the unique difficulties faced by cancer patients. That’s where the Association of Cancer Online Resources steps in. They provide patients with online cancer communities that provide support and accurate information on everything from treatment processes to dealing with psychological strains.

The great thing about Cancercare.org? Not only do they offer articles about basic cancer awareness, they also provide counseling services to men and women across the nation who are battling cancer. While most of us think of the physical toll breast cancer takes on the body, the truth is there is also an emotional and mental battle that goes along with it. Just keeping your hopes up day by day is a big feat for many cancer patients! That’s why having a trained counselor to talk with when you need it can be a BIG help. If you’re looking for a way to get connected quickly, Cancercare.org may be the place for you.

Understand your diagnosis. Get connected with a support group. Learn how to live life after cancer. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a great resource for answering questions and getting connected with a community of men and women dedicated to supporting one another through their cancer treatment and beyond.

Don’t forget about us!

And of course, the AiRS Foundation is also an excellent breast cancer resource! We publish informative articles about cancer treatment and awareness on our blog, as well as provide reconstruction surgery to women after mastectomies due to breast cancer. It’s our mission to make women feel whole again.