4 Ways to Find Help When Battling Breast Cancer

One of the most frightening and overwhelming feelings in the world is receiving a call from the doctor saying you have breast cancer. Everyone who receives this call responds differently, but many want to start looking for help. This might be financial help like we offer at the AiRS Foundation, emotional help through a breast cancer support group, or informational help that explains more about breast cancer overall.

Whether you or someone you love is battling breast cancer, here are a few ways to find help through the treatment process:

Apply for financial support.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations which offer financial assistance for breast cancer patients. For example, at the AiRS Foundation, we provide women who’ve undergone a mastectomy due to cancer the funds for breast reconstructive surgery. Finding financial assistance through the treatment process can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Looking for assistance? Here is a list of programs.

Join a support group.

A support group can provide an immense amount of encouragement while battling breast cancer. When you or your loved one is feeling low, your support group members can help by listening, crying, sharing, and more. In need of a support group? Here is a list of programs that may help.

Learn about breast cancer.

What we don’t know often overwhelms us, especially when it comes to breast cancer, which can often seem complicated and difficult to understand. Learning about the illness, especially your particular diagnosis, can help you make plans, put things into perspective, and tackle the disease head on. There are a number of resources for learning about breast cancer, including talking with your doctor or reading about breast cancer through reputable sites like the American Cancer Society.

Lean on loved ones.

When battling breast cancer, often your biggest allies are the family members and friends who love you. Don’t be afraid to open up to them when you need help, be it simply a willing ear to listen, someone to cook you dinner, or perhaps a person to keep you company during chemotherapy or other hospital visits. It’s those who love you most who may very well offer the most help when battling breast cancer.