Host a Pickleball Event

We’re excited about your interest in hosting a pickleball event benefitting the AiRS Foundation.
Here are a few considerations, ideas and details to get you started.

Types of Pickleball Events

Pickleball Tournament

This event will require several months of planning, organizing and advertising. It will typically take a whole weekend.  You’ll benefit from putting a committee together and include someone with experience in making tournament draws.  Your participants will need to register in advance.  This is sure to be a fun event and can be combined with clinics, social activities and a silent auction.  Although it takes a little more time to put together and run, it has the potential of raising thousands of dollars!

Pickleball Scramble

This type of event will require at least a few weeks of planning, organizing and advertising.  Participants can register ahead of time or at the event because the format is less formal and doesn’t require set partners.  A small committee of volunteers will help make this run smoothly and you can combine it with clinics, socials and even a silent auction.

Pickleball Clinic and Dinner

This is a very informal event that will require a few weeks of planning at a minimum.  Participants can register ahead of time or at the event.  They will be paying a set fee to participate in several different courts of drills and tennis related games and a meal.  This casual event is for all levels of players just wanting to have some pickleball fun and can easily be combined with a raffle.