Other Breast Cancer Resources

Side effects such as lymphedema and sexual challenges are often byproducts of cancer treatment.  Help and support may be found at these sites.

National Lymphedema Network

Rosy App
Treatment for wide variety of sexual issues

About Rosy:
Designed by doctors and psychologists for the 43% of women who have sexual problems and questions. Rosy is the first-of-its-kind platform offering women a holistic approach to sexual health and wellness. Find evidence-based interventions proven to increase sexual desire as well as the technology to connect you with experts in real-time.
Survivors Class Landing Page
 with more info on the class: https://meetrosy.com/sex-and-cancer-class/
Class Intro Video: https://youtu.be/LbgVRZK-PGY
Class Messaging:
Survivors Asked. Rosy Answered. Rosy heard cancer survivors need resources for sexual health, so we created a Rosy Class: Thriving Sexually During & After Cancer.
This class was made for women who have or have had cancer and want to improve their sexual wellbeing. Dr. Terstriep, a Board Certified Oncologist, educates about common issues her patients face including fatigue, sexual pain, vaginal dryness, and optimal communication with the healthcare team. Dr. Hysjulien, a nurse and psychologist, teaches survivors about how to communicate with their partner, how to manage stress, mood changes, body image, and how to reconnect sexually with her partner. These classes include educational materials and easy-to-incorporate actions made by experts who treat cancer patients every day. Drs. Terstriep and Hysjulien know that not only do their patients want to live, but they also want to thrive.