Oak Highlands Brewery Supports AiRS (and you can too!)

Partnerships are important to us here at AiRS Foundation. That’s because we know how difficult it is to raise awareness and funds for breast reconstruction. We can’t do it alone. Helping women requires teamwork and assistance from the community as a whole. The AiRS Foundation has some amazing partners who donate their time and money to helping women receive breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to breast cancer. And this year we’ve gained one more: Oak Highlands Brewery!

Every year, Oak Highlands Brewery, a brewery right here in our home base in North Texas, chooses a breast cancer-related nonprofit organization to support. This year, they’ve chosen the AiRS Foundation!

Now through October 31, 10 percent of all in-store and brewery sales of their special Oktoberfest beer will be donated to the AiRS Foundation.

This is a huge help to AiRS because we rely on small donors and partnerships to offer grants for women to receive breast reconstruction. Many women cannot afford this procedure, which is often a vital step toward healing after a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

We are thrilled to be chosen for this honor, and we hope you’ll help us (and Oak Highlands Brewery!) by buying and enjoying a cold glass of beer. The Oktoberfest beer is a Marzen Style Lager, excellent for drinking on a hot, long summer evening spent with family and friends.

Stay tuned for the partnership kick-off!

But wait — there’s more!

On September 23, Oak Highlands Brewery will host a kick-off party celebrating Oktoberfest and showing their support for the AiRS Foundation.

The party will be hosted at the brewery, where there will be beer, mingling, and even some fun games for the kiddos. We’ll be sharing more information about the party soon. In the meantime, pick up a cold six-pack and help us help women become whole again!

If you’re a woman in need of reconstruction, don’t hesitate to apply for a grant from AiRS!

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to cancer is often a vital step toward feeling whole again. But many women cannot afford the procedure, which can be costly. That’s why we at the AiRS Foundation offer grants for women to receive reconstruction. Applying for one of our grants for breast reconstruction is easy!

We’ve tried our best to make the application as straightforward as possible, and we have a fast return rate, so you’ll know the status of your application quickly. Here’s where you can learn more about how to apply. If you are a woman in need of reconstruction, we hope to hear from you. It’s our mission to help you feel whole again!