Insurance Companies in Texas Must Cover 3-D Mammograms

As of this September, health insurance companies in Texas are required to cover 3-D mammograms for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. This is thanks to House Bill 1036, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law last June.

This bill requires all commercial insurance providers in Texas to fully cover these 3-D mammograms.

Why does covering 3-D Mammograms matter?

Many medical experts consider 3-D mammography to be the most advanced form of breast cancer screening available today. In a 3-D mammogram, a three-dimensional picture of your breast is created (hence the name!). This gives doctors a fuller look at the breast tissue, allowing them to better search the breast for unusual lumps and tumors.

Currently, most plans cover the full cost of only 2-D mammography screenings. 2-D mammography can be an effective form of screening, but it is not as advanced as 3-D screening. Thanks to this bill, starting in September women who would like to undergo breast cancer screening can receive the best possible screening at no cost.

This is a big win for the prevention of breast cancer!

Have you had your annual mammogram? Protect yourself from breast cancer by getting checked by a doctor. This is an important step for your physical health, especially if you are at a high risk for breast cancer.

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